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    The epicentre of home entertainment - Be touched by superior sound and ultra-high definition video. Immerse yourself in the ultimate home cinema experience and enjoy your favourite films and music exactly as the creators intended.

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Authentic heritage

Pioneer was established in 1937, based on the philosophy to deliver the best possible impression of music to its customers. Today, it is still our goal to inspire, move and entertain audiophiles and cinema enthusiasts. We endeavour to be true pioneers; innovative and constantly redefining home entertainment. Years of experience have brought about this new line-up of AV receivers, superior sound quality and crystal-clear pictures.

When you choose a Pioneer AV receiver, the benefit of our rich legacy in audio and visual engineering perfection becomes yours. Your AV receiver will be the true epicentre of your home entertainment system.

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Superior sound.

Home audio is at the core of our history. Join us on our journey and rediscover your favourite music in the best possible way.

Leading technologies will help you realise the perfect sound field in any room and optimise the settings to your own preferences. Enjoy deep and balanced audio without phase lag, jitter, or noise – at any volume level.

Experience superior sound, the way its creators intended.

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Premium pictures.

To be truly innovative means to constantly redefine your boundaries. Our new line-up is ready for next generation standards and ground-breaking resolutions. Together with superior sound, crystal-clear video and cinematic quality are guaranteed.

Experience your favourite films like never before. Indulge yourself with life-like, superbly detailed images without hazy edges or blurred lines. No matter the source or the display, our highly-precise conversion, upscaling and optimisation technologies ensure you will enjoy stunning visuals.

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Ultimate connectivity.

Get the best out of your home entertainment system. Stream your favourite songs, watch exciting blockbusters, and amplify your adrenaline level when playing games. These AV receivers are designed to rock your world.

Whatever you prefer, we offer you a wide range of connectivity possibilities. PC, smartphone or tablet, wired or wireless, you name it! And, for an easy setup and remote control there are some handy mobile apps available. So wait no longer and get your ultimate home entertainment experience today.

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